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Treehouse Dental

Healthcare hospitality project

New concept for an organic dental practice. 
The brief for this dental clinic focused on the creation of a new dental treatment experience for the guests.
Our aim was to bring the idea and feeling of high end hospitality into the dental sector.
The concept of the space is the courtyard, when the outside meets the inside and it all blends. An organic approach, minimal shapes and natural textured materials. 

The reception welcomes the guests through a natural gate into a comfortable waiting area. The staircase is protagonist of the space, the functional balustrade creates the portal and the ceiling illumination feature. 

The space is clean and bright, the feeling is calm and relaxing. The guests will experience a new way of treatment and a new standard in healthcare hospitality. Earthy tones, indirect lighting and the “outdoor” surgeries at the ground floor. At the 2nd level a dedicated waiting area for kids and the jungle themed surgery. 


London, United Kingdom

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